Service Level Agreement
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Updated on 02/08/2019


At LyraHosting, we completely understand how crucial your website’s functionality is. Here at LyraHosting, we care for your trust the most. So we have built a very dependable SLA (Service Level Agreement) on which, all of our International & local clients can depend. LyraHosting’s doc from this point is an unbroken agreement among LyraHosting, & you, the Customer. It spots our responsibility & a money-back guarantee if LyraHosting’s duties aren’t met. We offer this sort of assurance for making our customer ease up with their choice of using LyraHosting. LyraHosting should have the right of making any sort of changes to the SLA (Service Level Agreement) inside reason. If any changes are made, every one of our clients will get notified to the new changes & would be offered the chance to object. We offer the guarantees below for all of our servers, both – semi-managed or entirely managed:

  • A 99.99% network uptime on average: We leverage racks in one of the most dependable Serverius B.V, Dutch datacenters. You can find further info regarding the datacenter here. We offer a money-return guarantee, which isn’t included in our ToS agreement for that month’s compensation should the server fall under 99.98% of uptime on the average. This leaves potential DDoS attacks out.
  • Hardware: Here at LyraHosting, we assure to plan dependable new servers (of age below 3 years) for minimizing the chances of sudden hardware depletions.
  • For the semi-management bundles (free) & completely managed bundles, we’ve got different SLAs:

  • Semi-management bundle:
  • - Customer support (From Monday to Friday – 8AM – 10PM (GMT +1) – Saturday – Sunday: 8AM – 10PM (GMT +1)
    - Reboots if requested via ticket system
    - Technical support (24/7/265) via ticket system
    - Managed security
    - Diagnosis in terms of failure & guarantee for replacement
    - Free Protection From DDoS attacks (as much as 10gbps, 2h every day), if you want more, hit us up.
    - Ping Monitoring
    - Full server privacy

    Fully-management bundle:

    - All the things included in the semi-management bundle
    - CPU, HDD usage, & RAID alerts
    - OS Patches & Updates
    - 24/7 emergency support via telephone
    - SSL Configuration & Firewall
    – Server analysis & debugging
    – 50gb backup daily
    – Do regular malware & anti-virus scans
    – help setup & recover once hacked/crashed
    If you need more info, hit us up at: